How We Get FREE Holiday Shopping Cash (NOT direct sales)| GetUpside Cash Back App Review

(NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored or affiliated in any way to the GetUpside app or any of its partners. I’m just a mom earning a little extra cash for the holidays!)

My husband heard about the GetUpside app on a local radio station just a couple of weeks ago. We both downloaded the app, and I’m so shocked by how much we’ve already earned, simply by filling up our gas tanks!

My husband and I both do a decent amount of driving for work, and let me tell you, that adds up on our budget. Most parents can relate–commuting to and from work, driving children back and forth to school or activities, going out for date nights, traveling for vacations, etc. Gas purchases add up quickly!

Not only that, but with our big, blended family of five children, holiday shopping isn’t cheap! (More how we shop for the holidays on a budget in the future–be sure to subscribe by email for more, or follow me on IG @smallstuffbigfamily)

  • With the GetUpside app, we are getting a little bit of that gas expense put back into our budget, just in time for the holidays. It’s the most ridiculously easy cash back app I’ve ever seen. Here’s how to use it:
    1. Download the app.
    1. Use the map/search feature of the app to find a participating location.
    2. Tap the dot of the location where you’re going to fill up your gas tank.
    3. Click “Claim.”
    4. PAY WOTH A CARD (cash won’t work), fill up your gas tank and GET A RECEIPT.
    5. Click “Upload Receipt.”
    6. Take a picture of the full receipt (the app walks you through the requirements which must be on the receipt the first time–after the first time, the app simply scans the receipt on its own.)
    7. After a short processing time (so far, mine has always shown up within 24 hours), your cash back earned from that purchase is available in your account.

    Since using the app at the beginning of November, we’ve collectively earned a total of $28!! (I’m writing this post on November 16, 2019, y’all–only halfway through the month!)

    Cash Out screenshot of the GetUpside app. Shows $21.69 earned.
    My husband’s current cash back earnings.

    Screenshot of the GetUpside App showing $6.95 earned

    My current earnings.

    My husband has earned quite a bit more than I have, but he’s also filled up his tank quite a bit more than I have. He drives much more than I do, and I also have a vehicle that gets better gas mileage, so I don’t have to fill my tank as often as he does. I also started using the app about a week after he did. (I was skeptical!)

    The app uses a map-style search feature, which makes it really easy to find a location close to you. I ran a search in several large US cities, and while some cities definitely have more participating locations than others, if you find that there are no locations near your area, the app also has a “request” button so that you can send them the alert that there is interest in using the app in your area.

    For the St. Louis region where we live, it seems that mostly BP and Circle K gas stations are participants. Popeye’s is also a participant, where you earn 15% cash back from your receipts there.

    Map of participating gas stations for the GetUpside app—St Louis region.

    St. Louis region

    Map of participating gas stations for the GetUpside app—Los Angeles region.

    Los Angeles region

    Map of participating gas stations for the GetUpside app—Chicago region.
    Chicago region
    Map of participating gas stations for the GetUpside app—Tampa region.

    Tampa region

    Click here to download the GetUpside app. Use my code “GGE5X” to get a bonus 15 cents/gal on your first gas purchase with the app!

    What’s really awesome about the app is not only do you earn cash back every time you fill up your own tank, but each person gets their own referral code, and when you share that with friends like I did above, both you and the person that sign up with your code earn a bonus 15 cents/gal on their first purchase with the app! After that YOU continue earning 1 cent/gal every time that person uses the app. Literally, free cash.

    Bonus tips:

    • Use a credit card that ALSO earns you cash back AND use the GetUpside app to claim your GetUpside cash back. Double bonuses!
    • Share your code with everyone! The more people that start using the app to earn themselves cash back, the more bonus cash back you’ll receive.
    • Use Cash Out for restaurant gift cards for a free date night, or to help with your holiday gift shopping at stores like Kohl’s, Walmart, Nike, etc!
    • If you drive for a living (truck driver, Uber, Lyft, etc) imagine how quickly your earnings will add up!

    I hope you found this review useful, and let me know if you’ve heard of the app before, and if you’ve used it, what your experience has been!

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